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Shandong Jinchangshu New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, which is headquartered in Weifang, Shandong. It is the largest supplier of PVC stabilizer in China with 130,000 tons annual capacity. In addition, we have 30,000 tons processing aids, impact modifiers and ASA powder per year. The company’s main business is research and development, production and sales for plastic stabilizer and polymer additives . Now, it has two advanced intelligent manufacturing production bases, three R&D subsidiaries, one procurement center and one foreign trade center. Its business covers all provinces of China and overseas regions such as Southeast Asia, South America and the Middle East.

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  • Comparative Research on ADX-600 Acrylic Impact Modifier, CPE and MBS in PVC System

    Abstract: ADX-600 is a core-shell acrylic impact modifier resin(AIM) manufactured through emulsion polymerization by our company. The product can serve as the impact modifier for PVC. ADX-600 AIM can replace CPE and MBS according to the comparison of various performance parameters between impact ACR and different PVC impact modifiers. The resultant PVC products demonstrate excellent mechanical properties, processing performance and a higher cost-effective performance. Keyword: AIM, CPE, MBS, impact modifier, mechanical properties
  • Application of ADX-600 Acrylic Impact Modifier in PVC Pipe

    Abstract: Rigid PVC has disadvantages in processing such as brittleness and poor low temperature toughness, our product ADX-600 acrylic impact modifier(AIM) can perfectly solve such problems and has better performance and higher cost performance than the commonly used CPE and MBS modifiers. In this paper, we first introduced ADX-600 AIM, and then compared ADX-600 AIM with chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) and MBS in various aspects, and combined with specific applications in several PVC pipe types, we objectively analyzed and concluded that ADX-600 AIM has better overall performance in PVC pipe fittings. Keywords: Rigid PVC, Pipe, ADX-600 AIM, CPE, MBS
  • Application of ASA Powder in Injection Molding

    Abstract: A new type of powder used to improve the mechanical properties of AS resin such as impact resistance, increase the strength of the product and improve the aging performance of the product—ASA powder JCS-885, applied to AS resin injection molding. It is a product of core-shell emulsion polymerization and has good compatibility with AS resin. It can improve the mechanical properties of the product without reducing the aging performance of the product and is used in injection molding. Keywords: AS resin, ASA powder, mechanical properties, weathering resistance, injection molding. By: Zhang Shiqi, Shandong Jinchangshu New Material Technology Co., Ltd., Weifang, Shandong
  • Application of Plasticizing Aids in PVC Injection Products

    Abstract: A processing aid to improve the processing performance of PVC—plasticizing aids ADX-1001, is the product obtained after emulsion polymerization, has good compatibility with PVC, can effectively reduce the plasticization time of PVC resin, reduce the processing temperature, make the product soft, applied to injection molding. Keywords: Plastic additives, plasticizer, plasticization time, processing temperature By: Sun Xuyang, Shandong Jinchangshu New Material Technology Co., Ltd., Weifang, Shandong