Impact Modifier & Processing Aid

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JINCHSNGHSU provides different kinds of ACRYLIC IMPACT MODIFIERS and PROCESSING AIDS. The Core-shell ACRYLIC IMPACT MODIFIERS are made by emulsion polymerization process, which have many advantages, such as high-impact, outstanding performance of processing, excellent weather resistance and increased product strength. It can be used in rigid PVC/CPVC applications. Our PROCESSING AIDS can efficiently improve processing without reducing vicat(or slightly reduce). It can be used in the field of PVC and CPVC.

Product Detail

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PVC/CPVC Application

PVC/CPVC Pipe, PVC/CPVC Fitting, PVC Profile, etc.
●Good processing
●Good gloss
●Good weather ability
●Good impact resistance


WPC, SPC, PVC Foamboard
●Good weather ability
●Good impact resistance
●Good lubricating
●Environmental friendly


Acrylic Type Core Shell Rubber

Grade Features Applications
ADX-600 Excellent impact resistance

Good weather resistance

High plasticizing efficiency

Low post-extrusion shrinkage or reversion

Good processing performance and high gloss

PVC/CPVC pipe, PVC/CPVC fitting, PVC profile, PVC window, roofing


Grade Features Applications
ADX-201A Lubricating processing aid

Foaming Regulator

Films, Fitting & Foamboard
ADX-310  High molecular weight

Fusion promoter

Foam regulator

Profile, fitting & foam

Foaming Regulator for PVC(ADX Series)

Grade Features Applications
ADX-320  Effectively and rapidly promote the plasticization of  PVC composite material

Improve melt fluidity to  obtain PVC products with  good surface

Higher intrinsic viscosity can improve the melt strength  and give products with more   uniform bubble structure and lower density

Films, Fitting & Foamboard
ADX-331  Promote the plasticization of  PVC composite material

Improve melt fluidity to  obtain PVC products with good surface

The high strength of the melt  gives the product with more  uniform bubble structure and  lower density

Profile, fitting & foam

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